Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fashion &lifestyle fair

From the organisers of luxury market came another fun packed edition at La mango, there was so much to see and buy, personally I was inspired by merchant of romance, footprints & handmaid in africa, Dusco & much more. Trust your babe to take pictures.... enjoy

Merchant of romance
Merchant of romance

Footnote shoe shop

Dusco designs-www.edu.com.ng

Sytylezone boutique
TWC Accessories
smiles handmade-www.smileshandmade.com
Silver & beads

Footprints &handmaid in africa

Kola Kuddus

TO2 Ltd

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fashion & Lifestyle Fair

From the organisers of luxury market comes another fun packed event, come and shop for men and women clothing, household and lifestyle items.'

Date:      Sunday, 4th August 2013      

Time:     11am-7pm
Venue:   La Mango Restaurant &Bar-2 Adekunle Fajuyi rd, GRA Ikeja

For reservations kindly contact 08023679581 or 08033780865.  

Thursday, 20 June 2013

RESPECT.... Earned not forced

In relationships I think the major factor after mutual understanding and love is respect. Most people respect those who inspire them and want to emulate them.                                                         
Treating people in a way we would like to be treated is crucial. Relating with them in a respectful manner makes them feel wanted In leadership you find that you have to be strict yet not harsh, condescending and demeaning in relating with your subordinates or siblings.... Leadership comes hand in hand with patience and tolerance.                                                          
Respect is earned not forced or shoved down people’s throats .... You don't have to force someone to respect you it comes naturally.

 To say respect is reciprocal is overflogged, for instance in the Yoruba culture respect means every thing to them... Its so bad that you have to call your sister/ brother-in -law whom you are older than ‘’brother/sister’’. You knell down totally to greet your elders and so on.

The funny thing about disrespectful people is that they find it easy to bully and be condescending to other people but when its done to them they are angry the question is why??? Why does it hurt?? It simply means its wrong and in no way the way to treat others.

Sometimes I wonder mabye if they have a complex problem and this attitude makes them feel complete and whole .Treat people nicely... It doesn’t reduce your life span.

 xoxo mosh

Monday, 13 May 2013

family fun fair

From the organisers of luxury market comes another fun  packed event, come and shop for men and women clothing, household and lifestyle items.You can bring the kids along too.

Date:    Wednesday 29 May 2013        

Time:    12noon-7pm                                                
Venue:  Crescent Hall International Schools, 30A& B Ladoke Akintola crescent, GRA Ikeja,Lagos                                                                                                                                                     There will be lots of side attractions for the kids.    

For reservations kindly contact 08023679581 or 08033780865.     

 so sorry to inform you all that this event has been rescheduled to a later date which will be communicated soon.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sober reflection

Am at a time in my life where certain events  make me stop and reflect, review and appreciate my life.... Am I here doing what I should be doing or floating…….

What is my purpose and am I achieving it ? Am I praying enough? am I focused enough? am I fulfilled enough? are my life decisions in my hands... Am I doing the right things? am I in the right place? is my attitude right? am  I courageous? do I still belive in hope? am  I  trusting God? Do we have chances to change things, right our wrongs before they go extremely bad  and affect us.

When events take place in our lives that we have no control over do we just sit back and accept it, do we try to make a change , does it make or break us, do we sit around feeling sorry for ourselves.

 For instance you loose a loved one....do u sit back and cry over and over, it can be extremely painful as you won’t see this particular person again  but  you can also try and remember the good times...the memories.... the laughter . These things are your last life line link to that person .

 Anything in life can hurt you but the basic thing is to try and rise above the situation  and make yourself happy. Sometimes resentment sets in and you feel like ‘‘ HAS GOD FORGOTTEN ME’’ HE can never forget you, how can HE forget his beautifully made child, its HIS love  and grace  that sustains you and keeps you going.  You just need to increase your faithometer and hopeometer.

 I choose to be happy despite all odds

   xoxo mosh

Saturday, 23 March 2013



 sometimes i really wonder if a relationship is
worth waiting on ... We find that these days  there are few  ladies who are willing to wait, struggle and grow with a man most times they want the PERFECTLY RICH MR RIGHT and in the process subject themselves to all sorts of things to find him.

 I have friends whose husband's when they were boyfriend's din't even have a car or good job but they stayed with them cos of love and hope...you should see them now you would think they had been rich all thier lives... how did they do it??? they persevered and grew with the man they loved and believed in. Dont get me wrong ohhh!!! it wasnt easy but it was worth it.

I am not saying that a lady has to suffer with a man before he loves her or gets the best from him but if you meet a man that has potential and ambition and you  love him why not give him a try and wait on GOD instead of hustling to get the attention of the HONEY COATED RICH GUY who might not even know you exist , you wear clothes that barely cover you up in a bid to get his attention, you go to owambe’s just to meet him, you even go to highly placed churches, you start playing golf, etc

  Why don’t you just stop for  a second and see yourself  as intelligent , beautiful and result oriented. Believe that you can get  a good man … MR RIGHT might just be right there in front of you and you are ignoring him because he is not driving a prado jeep and living in Ajah... Why must a lady rely on a man to do everything for her ... Have you ever thought about working a making a few bucks for yourself..... You are meant to compliment  and support each other.

Looking back to my university days at those babes that would just jump into bed with anyone that was willing to buy them cars, phones, hair, tickets  etc  baaaaabeeee you can get all those things by  yourself . first and foremost you are to take care of yourself then your boyfriend/ husband compliments it... The burden shouldn't be on him alone…… men respect  a lady that is resourceful and intelligent.

  Have you ever stopped to wonder if you have the attitude and morals to attract  MR RIGHT; it’s also about you and the things you do to attract the right people towards you..... He might just be that guy who’s been trying to get your attention... Why not give him a try, it might be worth it...     Xoxo mosh

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Essence of forgiveness

 Forgiveness hmmmmm……. How many times has someone hurt us so bad that we decide that we are not going to forgive  or forget, we hold on to grudges for as long as we can, we sow seeds of destruction so bad that sometimes we even say that even if GOD descends from HIS throne we wont forgive.

Some people even go as far as saying that in future if their son/ daughter meets their arch enemy’s daughter/son they won’t be friends or date, he/she broke my heart etc hmmmm the question is why?? Why?? Why??  


Why do we hold on to irrelevant things, why do we waste so much time on grudges……personally I feel when you are holding on to a grudge you are just feeding rage , bitterness and anger  and all these things make you age……  

  Forgiveness gives you freedom.... in mind and spirit. Your thoughts and actions are unprejudiced. How can a mere mortal decide that he/she  won’t forgive when even GOD in HIS  magnitude forgives us.,If  HE was to behave like us and say HE won't forgive we would all be dead or in the ICU abi....  

I personally find it hard to forget issues.... I forgive but I don't forget ..... And its bad  whenever am in that mood I give myself this pep talk above .  

  Forgiveness is free.........……give it even when the person doesn't deserve it. You only live once.....

 xoxo mosh